Wayne Wierson presenting to a TWT audience

Audience participation during Wayne Wierson's Share The Road speech

Slider Gilmore presenting Mechanisms of Injury to a TWT audience

Slider Gilmore's sweet ride

Slider Gilmore waves to the crowd at skit entrance

Anita Bailey and Frank Prowant respond to Slider's crash in the TWT ambulance

Looks like a below the knee amputation

Anita Bailey presents Environmental Aspects to a TWT audience

Frank Prowant presents Assessment and Treatment of the Two Wheel Trauma
Injured Rider
to a TWT audience

Slider Gilmore explains unsafe pick-up-points during the bike lab

Observing the bike lab

Slider Gilmore and TWT participant discuss hot pipes

Wayne Wierson and TWT participant examine shut-off switches

Frank Prowant discusses 4-wheeler safety with emergency providers

TWT participants continue to listen to Frank's pointers on 4-wheeler safety